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Minneapolis SEO services - Guarantee Top 20 Positioning on search engines by a Minneapolis SEO company...

Minneapolis SEO

Local Search Optimization

Local SEO - Get your company listed on the local maps:  Google Places, Yahoo Local, Live Search Map...

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Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC Advertising - the Quickest way to bring traffic with SEO by a Minneapolis SEO company...

Minneapolis PPC

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Optimization - Minneapolis social media marketing for Minnesota businesses  with SEO techniques...

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Video Optimization

Video SEO - Optimize your videos for search to drive traffic to your site by a Minneapolis SEO company...

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Mobile Search Optimization

Mobile SEO - Get ranked in mobile search engines with SEO services by a Minneapolis SEO company...

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search engine optimization Minneapolis

Looking for
SEO services in Minneapolis?
Constant Rank can help!

Minneapolis SEO services

mobile SEO

minneapolis SEO

SEO Optimization Company

Minneapolis SEO


A Minneapolis SEO company, Constant Rank provides search engine optimization services. Based out of Minneapolis, we offer SEO services in Twin Cities such as Minneapolis and Saint Paul.


Minnesota SEO


Constant Rank is a Minnesota SEO company providing SEO services for clients from Minneapolis to Saint Paul, Twin Cities and its surrounding areas.



Constant Rank provides the best in MN SEO Minneapolis SEO for Minnesota companies


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Minneapolis SEO Company - Constant Rank


Constant Rank, a Minneapolis SEO company, provides search engine optimization in Minneapolis, Minnesota and its surrounding areas. Based out of Minneapolis, MN, a Minnesota SEO company, Constant Rank serves clients in the Metro Twin Cities for SEO. Our services include search engine optimization (SEO), local SEO, Pay Per Click (PPC), social media marketing, video optimization, mobile SEO / mobile site development and more.



Minneapolis SEO Company

SEO Services from a Minneapolis SEO Company

  • Guaranteed SEO Services
  • Effective Keyword Phrase Research & Adjustment
  • Monthly Traffic & Ranking Report
  • Monthly Directory and Article Submission
  • Local Map Optimization - Google Places, Yahoo Local and Live Local Search
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Video / Image Optimization
  • Mobile SEO / Mobile Site development
search engine optimization Minneapolis
Minneapolis SEO Company

Choose the Right SEO Company in Minneapolis

  • Monthly Client Visit
  • Face-to-face Business Meeting in Office Setting
  • Superior Customer Services
  • Ethical SEO
  • Comprehensive Internet Marketing Services
  • Competitive Analysis from Highly Experienced SEO Consultants with MBA
Search Engine Optimization Minneapolis


Why Choose Our Minneapolis SEO Company?

Looking for the right Minneapolis SEO company? We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by providing a face-to-face communication to ensure your SEO project. Constant Rank places value on customer service, so our Minneapolis SEO consultants visit clients' offices in Minnesota regularly to ensure that your search engine optimization (SEO) and Internet marketing work property and effectively.


Make sure you are getting the most from your SEO company in Minneapolis!


How Our Minnesota SEO Company Can Increase Your Revenues

SEO is the strategy that leads new customers to your business by helping your website appear higher in the rankings. A Minnesota SEO company, Constant Rank believes that SEO will increase your revenue because of the following facts:

  • 81% of shoppers say that they research products online before purchasing
  • 52% of online shoppers find new retailers online using a major search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.
  • 92% of Internet users have researched a product or service online and then purchased offline from a local company at least once.


Search Engine Optimization for Minneapolis Businesses

Constant Rank offers search engine optimization for Minneapolis businesses. Our search engine optimization strategies help Minneapolis businesses increase their visibility and brand-awareness. Constant Rank also uses Integrated Internet marketing strategies such as social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, local map SEO and mobile SEO for Minneapolis businesses to increase visibility and brand image. Constant Rank provides a face-to-face consultation meeting in a comfortable office setting as well as regular office visits for SEO projects in Minneapolis St Paul - Twin Cities.


SEO Services from Our Minneapolis SEO Company

A Minneapolis SEO company, Constant Rank offers the following SEO services:

  • Guaranteed SEO Services - Guaranteed rank in the top 20.
  • Effective Keyword Phrase Search - Help in choosing the keyword phrases that will produce the greatest ROI for your company or business. Throughout our SEO maintenance services, we can make adjustments to your keyword phrases.
  • Monthly Traffic & Ranking Report - Provide detailed statistics about the visitors to a website as well as a document showing the achieved rank.
  • Monthly Directory and Article Submission - Submit articles to press release websites, and bring more sales leads through directories and online yellow pages.


SEO Company in Minneapolis, St Paul - Twin Cities, Minnesota

If you are looking for a SEO company in Minneapolis, St Paul, Twin Cities, Minnesota area, this is the right place for you. You can visit our office to see our SEO expert in Minneapolis, or our SEO consultant can visit your office in the Twin Cities area.


Tips for Choosing a SEO Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Making a decision to hire a SEO company in Minneapolis can be a difficult and time consuming process. The following tips will help you find the right SEO company in Minnesota.
  • Hire a SEO Company in Minneapolis instead of a web design company. Web designers are graphic artists. Search engine optimization requires a high level of analytical and marketing skills. All web design companies offer SEO services, sometimes claiming to be SEO experts. However, it is rare to have competencies in both SEO and web design. Constant Rank specializes in SEO and Internet Marketing. Look for a Minneapolis firm specializing in SEO instead of web design.
  • Choosing the right search engine optimization company in Minneapolis for a high ranking is very important, because only a good SEO company can help increase the traffic to your website. If you are located in Minneapolis, MN, or somewhere in Minnesota check if the SEO company gets ranked high with keyword phrases of “Minneapolis SEO,” “Minnesota SEO” or “search engine optimization Minneapolis.”
  • Check out at least 3 references of the SEO company in Minnesota. It is important to know how the SEO company works with its clients and how the SEO work increases traffic to their website to generate sales leads.


Start with a Minneapolis SEO Company, Constant Rank

Are you ready to start your SEO project with a Minneapolis SEO company, Constant Rank? If you are not sure, please go to our SEO service page and SEO testimonial page. If you are ready, call (952) 886-7400 to set up FREE SEO consultation appointment.

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