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This SEO blog site includes the latest SEO tips, SEO news, topics and events on their blog. SEO is constantly changing and evolving, and to get your website constantly ranked on top, webmasters’ SEO knowledge need to stay current. Some clients wonder why we need this and that to get listed on the 1st page of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and more, so this blog will show you “Why” through SEO blogs and SEO news. Search engine optimization blog is a platform to learn about internet marketing including basic SEO, PPC, image optimization, video optimization, social media optimization, e-mail marketing and web promotion.

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Why everyone is using Google Plus for Marketing?

You have probably already spent a lot of time and energy setting up and running all of your social media pages. Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other social media site it may seem overwhelming or pointless to add one more, but I am here today to tell you why Google+ is so great for any business!

First things first, what is Google+? It’s a social media site designed to allow people to interact with one another, learn new things on topics they care about, and connect with people from around the world. So how can this benefit business you ask? Let me tell you..

Businesses can use Google+ to connect with clients or customers. These customers can leave feedback and reviews that are now interactive. If a customer has a question, he or she has a place to go to get a reliable answer quickly. This helps build and maintain relationships, which is key in any business setting. These great relationships then turn into great references of your company to anyone on or off the Internet. See how this can help your business now?

We all know how much people love the Internet! That is why it is crucial to focus on search engine optimization (SEO) and getting to the top of that Google search page. Google+ can help! And even better, it’s easy to do! The contents and links you add to Google+ help increase your rank so that your website can receive better visibility. The higher that rank means better business for you!

Here is the best part! All of the people that are on Google+! There are millions of people on Google+ who can learn about your company and become devoted customers. Like I said earlier too, you can develop even stronger relationships with your current customers so they are happy and keep coming back to you! So why not give it a try, you have nothing to lose!

How to Add Pin It Button to your website

The “Pin It button” makes it easy for visitors to Pin things from your website or mobile app. In fact, studies show that businesses who use the “Pin It button” often see big lifts in referral traffic. Once you have added the “Pin It button” and verified your website, you will be able to access your web analytics showing that you what content from your website is most popular on Pinterest.

How to add Pin It Button to your website? It’s very easy. Follow the following steps:

  1. Go to and fill out all information.
  2. Click the “Built It” button at the bottom of the website to get the HTML code and a snippet of JavaScript.
  3. Insert the HTML code next to the things you want to share at your website or mobile app. Put the JavaScript code just above your closing BODY tag.
  4. The JavaScript script runs that lets visitors automatically “pin” or save images to personal image collections pinners have created on

You may have already installed a Pinterest sharing button, but adding a “Pin It button” to each photo makes widespread sharing even easier.

Social Media Marketing and SEO

Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam team, has already announced that social signals has played an more important role in SEO. The following video shows how important social signals from social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest..etc are for SEO. Google uses Twitter and Facebook links as a ranking signal.

Matt Cutts also admitted that social media marketing is a key for SEO. Google values a website that not only have a great content and links from other websites, but also need to tell people about it. Therefore, spreading your website information, usually, page links are important to boost up your website ranking in Google.

Link Exchange After Penguin Update

Google Link Exchange Penguin UpdateHow does Google see link exchanges after Penguin Update 2.0? Links that Google finds to be not relevant can actually cause your website’s ranking to be greatly devalued. Due to the Penguin and Panda updates many website owners who host reciprocal link exchanges are seeing their search engine traffic plummeting to all time lows. Reciprocal link exchanges are being hit especially hard because the Panda update punishes a site for irrelevant on site links, while at the same time Penguin punishes a site for irrelevant external links. That doesn’t mean that reciprocal links are worthless, although Google and other search engines nowadays do not give credits to reciprocal links as it does not indicate genuine link popularity, but if they aren’t relevant to your website, Google devalue your website; as a result, your website ranking go down.

Google Algorithm Changes 2013

google algorithm changes 2013 penguin 4Today’s SEO blog talks about the Google algorithm chagnes 2013. Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam team, announced The next generation Penguin update, Penguin 4 (AKA Penguin 2.0), and answer the question of “What should we expect in the next few months in terms of SEO for Google?” These Google algorithm chagnes of Penguin 4 have impacted many more SEOs and webmasters than the first generation version. Therefore, we summarize the 10 points that Matt Cutts made in this video. First watch the video and think about the 10 points that Matt Cutts made to see if you need to take any actions.


  1. Major Penguin Update – The next generation Penguin update, Penguin 4, so-called Penguin 2.0
  2. Advertorial Spam -after some websites for using advertorials as a means to artificially inflate their link profile.
  3. Spammy Queries Being Looked At
  4. Going Upstream At Link Spammers – deter link spammers and the value of the links they are acquiring from the sources.
  5. More Sophisticated Link Analysis – Google will go after link network.
  6. Continuous Improvements On Hacked Sites
  7. Improved Webmaster Communication – go to Google Webmaster tools to clean up your website.
  8. Authority Boost In Algorithm
  9. Panda To Soften – Refine the Panda Update
  10. Domain Clusters In SERPs – The number of clusters of the same domain name showing on the first page of Google’s search results should lessen this year.

All in all, what you need to do is to work hard to provide high quality content to visitors such as great useful content that visitors can come back as well as social signals. If you offer useful content that visitors love, they should come back to the site, and also should be shared with other people. If you always provide guality content for visitors, you shouldn’t be worried about those Google algorithm changes. It’s also better to invest your time in acquiring social signals for your SEO.

If your business is located in Minneapolis or Minnesota, our Minneapolis SEO company can help you with dealing with those Google algorithm changes 2013.

Facebook Business Page Problems – Facebook Vanity URL

facebook business page problems facebook vanity urlToday’s SEO blog, we will talk about Facebook business page problems including Facebook vanity URL issues. One of clients changed “manage permission” setting in their Facebook business page by turning off the ability for people to post on your Page’s timeline. After the changes in permission setting, when visitors clicked the facebook vanity URL link on thier website, it took them to the home page of Since random user posts that aren’t necessarily positive could appear on Timeline, they say that turning off the ability for people to post on your Facebook business page’s timeline could hurt your branding. However, as far as concerned about “branding”, it’s better for people to see your Facebook brand URL such as instead of taking them to the home page of Facebook. Considering not losing the number of reach in Facebook, we recommend you to keep your Facebook vanity URL work on the browser. Plus, if you trun off the ability to people to post on your Facebook business page timeline, you will lose visibility on search engine result pages.

In conclusion, check the “everyone can post your facebook timline” in permission setting in your Facebook businses page (Facebook Fan page.) if you want to brand your business through Facebook marketing as well as increasing visibility on search engines. For more information about SEO and Facebook marketing, a Minneapolis SEO company, Constant Rank can help!

How to Use LinkedIn for Business

Today’s SEO blog talks about how to use LinkedIn for Business. LinkedIn is a professional networking site that provides and keeps important connects strong between work-at-home professionals and other business around the world. With a network of 65 million business professionals worldwide,  a Minneapolis SEO company, Constant Rank believes that LinkedIn can be an excellent way to promote your business. At a relatively inexpensive cost, marketing a small or home business on LinkedIn provides many beneficial outcomes. In fact, one person creates a LinkedIn login every second!

How to use linkedin for business

To get started with building your business with LinkedIn there are a few things you need to know:

  1. Understanding LinkedIn and how to use LinkedIn for business is important. It is not more difficult than other social networking sites – The difference is that LinkedIn is designed and geared specifically to professionals and their networks.
  2. Create a LinkedIn login, if you are not already a member. Creating a great profile on LinkedIn is the best way to show viewers of your page how great your business is! It is important to keep your profile looking professional. The information provided needs to represent your business in the best way. Keeping your profile fresh with new updates is important, as well as seeking introductions to new contacts and connections.
  3. Take advantage of LinkedIn! After setting up your profile, you can continuously build connections and gain attention from other business professionals. Using LinkedIn’s search features allows others to find you and network with people you might not have been able to reach in the past. It is also good to display any recommendations or testimonials about you and your business on your profile – as these provide positive credibility and boosts your business.
  4. Stay active! Once you create your profile, it is important to stay active on it. Posting regular status updates, as well as participating in groups that are related to your business is great for exposure. You can also send messages and invitations to people in your network or group – just be sure that you are not spamming these groups, as this could damage your business reputation.

Creating your LinkedIn profile is just the start to a great business networking and marketing resource! Get started on your account today and watch as your network with other business professionals continues to grow. This worldwide networking site could be a key marketing tool for building your business!

How to Use Pinterest for Business

It’s imperative to know how to use Pinterest for business. The benefits of using Pinterest to build your business are endless! Since 2012, the Pinterest Network has grown 145% with 81% of its U.S. consumers trusting pins as a reliable information source. Pinterest users also spend more money that users of any other social media network! Whether you are looking to drive brand awareness, bring traffic to your site, or promote your blog, Pinterest is an excellent social media tool that will do just that. As a Minneapolis SEO company, Constant Rank recommend Minneapolis or Minnesota busineses to use Pinterest for a marketing tool.

There are a few important tips, how to use Pinterest for business: to know and remember when getting your business established through Pinterest:

Research Your Client

Here is a first step of how to use Pinterest for business. What is your ideal client pinning? By researching what your clients are pinning, you can follow their interests and gain insight to products that they want and are looking for. With the “Categories” feature, you can quickly find the topic that best fits your industry. Next, you want to focus on pins that are tied to your topic and what board individuals are pinning to. Look at these different users information to learn more about your potential clients!

Get Noticed

Get noticed by utilizing categories, keywords, captions, hashtags and URLs! Link building is vital for business, so it is important to link back often to your website in your comments on pins. Linking also builds credibility on your subject which helps search engines create association between the topic or pin you commented on and YOUR site!

The CONTENT of your pins is especially important as well. What do you want users to take away from your site? What content will DRAW them there?

Pinterest is also great opportunity to for guest blogging (which can be beneficial for SEO)! Once you find pins that are tied to a blog post, make sure that it is an authoritative blog that accepts guest contributors. Your chances of getting your post published are greater with these kinds of sites.

Be Social

Always, always, always be active among other Pinterest users by pinning across a range of boards, following others, commenting on pins, and repinning! Be sure to time your pins so that they are evenly spaced out. Getting involved with other users and their boards/pins will establish connections. Don’t forget to say thank you for repins!

Be Creative

Keep your content fresh! Choosing great images and having a variety of photos, text and videos will keep your followers interested and engaged. Be clear and visual to capture users’ attention.

Don’t just self-promote – use Pinterest to present the lifestyle of your brand to your audience! By showcasing your brand, you can allow others to get the full experience of what your business is truly about.


By researching pins, boards, and brands that get results, along with tracking the activity of your followers, you can start generating new ideas for marketing your brand.

Pinterest also has a feature that allows you to see the pins of a given domain, which shows you a lot about your competitors. With the source feature, you can see what your competitors are pinning, who they are following, and who is following them. With this information, you can see what tactics have been working for them that might work for you as well! As a result, you can potentially broaden the reach of your pins even further.

Now, you know how to usse Pinterest for business. Pinterest is an excellent social media tool that can help build your business and extend your brand to even more clients. When used to its full potential, the possibilities with networking, link building and sharing of information are infinite. Start pinning!

How to Use Twitter for Business

Today’s SEO blog is talk about how to use Twitter for business. Creating a Twitter account for your business can be a fantastic marketing strategy when executed correctly. It is the fastest growing social media platform out there today, with over 175 million registered users that create around 50 million tweets—or micro blogs—per day! Using Twitter for business marketing requires more thought and strategy than when it is used for personal use, and many businesses do not succeed in that regard. But with a bit of time, training and effort, your business can see a boom as a result of using Twitter.

The first step in utilizing Twitter is to set up an account that makes sense for your business. This requires creating a handle (your username on Twitter) that properly brands your company while also being engaging and memorable. Whenever your business tweets or someone tweets back at you, this will show up and you want it to be clear that is is your company people are talking about.

Either before or shortly after you sign up for Twitter your company needs to develop a plan for its use. Without a cohesive marketing strategy in place, Twitter, like any other platform, will not be beneficial to your brand. You need to decide who or what companies to follow, how often the company will tweet, the content of tweets, and whether the account will be used for promotions as well as company news. Developing a company plan of attack before starting to tweet gives employees and management alike a guide to style and rules that must be followed when tweeting on behalf of the company. During this planning process it is important to establish a certain voice or style for the company. Tweets should not be written to sound like the CEO tweeting on behalf of the company, but rather the voice should align with company personality and mission.

Once planning and strategy development is complete, you should finish the setup of your account. This includes filling in fields with information and creating a quick bio for users to read when deciding if they should follow you or not. Another component to this part of Twitter development is following fellow tweeters and gaining followers. A good way to do this is to import your contact list from your email. Following people and companies your business already has a relationship with is a great way to gain followers in return and link your business to influential audiences. Linking with these businesses and people on Twitter is another easy way to promote your social media efforts, as their followers are more likely to see your company mentioned and you will, by default, gain a larger reach.

Now that you can finally start tweeting you need to make it worthwhile for users to follow your company. People don’t want to follow a business that is all promotional all the time; they want news, interaction, and deals. The key here is engaging your customers and partner businesses to show personality and compassion in your tweets. Reply to customer ideas and comments, retweet exciting news from partner businesses, and congratulate people when exciting things happen based around your business or products. Twitter users want a unique, personalized experience, and this can help establish two-way communication and priceless connections with consumers and clients.

When using Twitter, there is a sort of social decorum that should be followed so your company does not become annoying or overly promotional. Do not tweet every two minutes. This is a surefire way to get you unfollowed in a heartbeat, as Twitter users don’t want all of their updates from one sole company. Do be active, though, by spacing out your tweets and replies throughout the day and week. Start by tweeting 3 to 5 times per day and adjust that number according to your followers reactions. A way many companies ensure that followers see their posts is to make it a tradition to tweet every week at a certain day and time—say Tuesday at noon for some sort of update or trivia contest. You also should be sure that your followers count is fairly balanced with those you are following. A company with a heavy skew toward one or the other looks either overly eager to listen to others or ignorant of what customers have to say.

Along the lines of Twitter promotion for your company, there are two things you must do: tweet for SEO and make your Twitter handle widely available. When tweeting utilize keyword phrases for your industry and use hashtags (#) to tag trending (popular) topics so that your tweets are able to be found in Twitter searches. Also, make sure you are under the 140 character limit when using these phrases so that if you are retweeted or mentioned there is room for the full content to be posted. In order to make your handle widely available you should post it on all company promotional materials, allow employees to include it in their email signatures, and place a link to it on your website. The more visible and accessible your Twitter account is, the more followers you should gain. An excellent place to talk about Twitter is on a company blog. Each time a new entry is posted include the Twitter handle and ask for comments to also be shared on Twitter. This also helps with engagement and visibility of company topics.

When Twitter is used correctly it is an incredible marketing tool for businesses! If you need extra inspiration just take a look at successful companies on Twitter and see how their business is being conducted and portrayed. A massive audience is awaiting your company’s arrival on Twitter- so why wait?

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